Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Suddenly Everything Has Changed

This past week has been really busy, which is nice. We went to San Francisco and went to Haigh-Ashbury, which was awesome. The yesterday we weent to Pleasanton to go to the mall and shop at h&m. that mall is my new favorite store. they have everything our mall has but more. then i turned around and weent back an hour that direction to see my friend tasha. my friend sam went with me. we went to the tracy mall and i got these really great shoes for 12 dollars and a super cute top. so hopefully ill have something to do on new years. i found out some really lame ass information from steve and im not happy about it. and i got some presents from my friend. theyre awesome. one is a monterey pop festival poster and the other is a book on haight-ashbury. so now ive decided im just gonna make my room all sixties like and never leave my room and pretend i lived during the summer of love. ill put up pictures later

Thursday, December 25, 2008

I Shall Believe

merry christmas all.

i got a kitchenaid stand mixer, a beanie/hat thing, a gingham sweater, a vintage apron, steve madden slouch boots, pajama pants, socks, two nutcrackers, oth season 3. i think thats basically it.

things i did not get: a battery for my computer, records. not a big deal. except a battery would have been nice. but im trying not to spend money so i suppose ill have to without.

i love my boots. i asked for the ones at target cuz theyre cheaper but they were out of stock and she got steve maddens instead, which were actually the ones i REALLY wanted but didnt ask for because theyre expensive.

my brother got an ipod touch and im totally jelous. but if i got it i probly wouldnt use it too much cuz i have having earbuds in.

im kinda pissed off cuz someone didnt call me last night, and they havent called today. is still kinda early, but i was kind of expecting a merry christmas text or call this morning. or last night.but no. they didnt even return MY text. someone really cares. im probably toally overreacting but whatever idc. it takes like two seconds to say merry christmas.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hanging By A Moment

I really can't stnad my family. my aunt dara just arrived. nobody besides my mom wants her here, even my dad was like all pissy about it and was just like well we just have to be nice to her. she stinks all the time and she looks like a dead person. and right now shes sick, and making really weird moaning noises in my bathroom. i dont see why she cant just go to my aunt randas since thats where were all gonna be tonight. i really hope they arent staying here. i know christmas is supposed to be a time to spend with family and all but i really cant stand her. everyone else is bearable, but she drives me up the wall. and to add to my grumpiness about her being here, i was in the shower and she gets here and decides shes gonna take a bath while im still in the shower and takes all my fucking hot water. and i couldnt just get out because i had conditioner in my hair so i had to freeze to death.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Crash Course In Polite Conversation

today was very busy. I went to the bank to deposit my settlement check, then I went to the chiropractor. After that I went to the mall to try on these too really pretty dresses that i could never afford. Well with that check i can but thats wasteful. I found i actually didnt like the one that i orginally went to try on. the material was too heavy. So as i was leaving, the traffic was ridiculous. it took me 20 minutes to get out of the parking lot. i think they need to do something to fiz that. i HATE being at the mall when its crowded because everyone walks so freaking slow. they need like lanes at the mall for fast and slow walkers. kinda like those conveyor belt things at the airport where one sie is for standing and the other is for walking. i never understood why people just stand on them. it would be way faster just to walk. and even faster to walk on the conveyor. or whatever its called. i went to see twilight with phoebe, whom i havent seen since graduation. she goes to school in washington. id already seen but she hadnt. we both laughed at how terrible kristen whatever is. the whole time she acts like shes choking and having a seizure. she probably blink a total of 8.6 million times, and is constantly shaking her head. and theres a part where she says, "woah. what is going on?" and the way she says it is like when actors on tv are acting bad on purpose. like very flat. so that was basically my day. i have a couple more presents to wrap.

this was the one that was too heavy of material.this was the one i liked. it looked better than it does in the picture. boobs could use some help though

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Living Years

This morning my mom woke me up asking if she could use my car so my brother my dad and i could use the bigger car cuz were all around 6 feet and need the space. so i gave her my keys, and then when i got out of bed, i discovered she didnt take my car. which i find really rude because now we are all left to cram in my 2 door honda civic. so she woke me up for nothing. it also really irritates me when she knocks and opens my door when i dont answer. or when i say "what". mostly because my rooms messy and she'll tell me to clean it. and also because of my lack of pajamas when i sleep.

it takes too long to upload pictures on here. and im usually in a hurry.

im still being ridiculously anal about gifts all being in a box and shit.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

You Gotta Go There To Come Back

today is the best day. my dad came home with almond roca (finally). his friend's wife makes it and its absolutely delicious.

and thennnn, i got my settlement check from a wreck i was in over a year ago with my sister. all i had was a neck sprain, i think thats what my doctor said. but i got 500 dollars for it. i dont think my injury was worth more than like 10 dollars but im not complaining. i really need this money. and its just lovely to get it during the christmas season. i wasnt expecting to get it for a few more years, mostly because i kept getting letters saying the other three parties havent sent in their claims and the statute of limitations or something is two years from the date of the accident, except for minors, who have two years after their 18th birthday. and one of the other people was a minor so i figured i wouldnt see the money for a long time. and like last week i got a letter saying that they still hadnt sent in their claims so i definitely wasnt expecting it. im so happy.

With Arms Outstretched

I'm really anal about wrapping Christmas presents. this year im insisting that every present is put into a box if it isnt already. it makes it easier to wrap and of course looks nicer.