Thursday, December 25, 2008

I Shall Believe

merry christmas all.

i got a kitchenaid stand mixer, a beanie/hat thing, a gingham sweater, a vintage apron, steve madden slouch boots, pajama pants, socks, two nutcrackers, oth season 3. i think thats basically it.

things i did not get: a battery for my computer, records. not a big deal. except a battery would have been nice. but im trying not to spend money so i suppose ill have to without.

i love my boots. i asked for the ones at target cuz theyre cheaper but they were out of stock and she got steve maddens instead, which were actually the ones i REALLY wanted but didnt ask for because theyre expensive.

my brother got an ipod touch and im totally jelous. but if i got it i probly wouldnt use it too much cuz i have having earbuds in.

im kinda pissed off cuz someone didnt call me last night, and they havent called today. is still kinda early, but i was kind of expecting a merry christmas text or call this morning. or last night.but no. they didnt even return MY text. someone really cares. im probably toally overreacting but whatever idc. it takes like two seconds to say merry christmas.

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