Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Suddenly Everything Has Changed

This past week has been really busy, which is nice. We went to San Francisco and went to Haigh-Ashbury, which was awesome. The yesterday we weent to Pleasanton to go to the mall and shop at h&m. that mall is my new favorite store. they have everything our mall has but more. then i turned around and weent back an hour that direction to see my friend tasha. my friend sam went with me. we went to the tracy mall and i got these really great shoes for 12 dollars and a super cute top. so hopefully ill have something to do on new years. i found out some really lame ass information from steve and im not happy about it. and i got some presents from my friend. theyre awesome. one is a monterey pop festival poster and the other is a book on haight-ashbury. so now ive decided im just gonna make my room all sixties like and never leave my room and pretend i lived during the summer of love. ill put up pictures later

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