Monday, December 22, 2008

Crash Course In Polite Conversation

today was very busy. I went to the bank to deposit my settlement check, then I went to the chiropractor. After that I went to the mall to try on these too really pretty dresses that i could never afford. Well with that check i can but thats wasteful. I found i actually didnt like the one that i orginally went to try on. the material was too heavy. So as i was leaving, the traffic was ridiculous. it took me 20 minutes to get out of the parking lot. i think they need to do something to fiz that. i HATE being at the mall when its crowded because everyone walks so freaking slow. they need like lanes at the mall for fast and slow walkers. kinda like those conveyor belt things at the airport where one sie is for standing and the other is for walking. i never understood why people just stand on them. it would be way faster just to walk. and even faster to walk on the conveyor. or whatever its called. i went to see twilight with phoebe, whom i havent seen since graduation. she goes to school in washington. id already seen but she hadnt. we both laughed at how terrible kristen whatever is. the whole time she acts like shes choking and having a seizure. she probably blink a total of 8.6 million times, and is constantly shaking her head. and theres a part where she says, "woah. what is going on?" and the way she says it is like when actors on tv are acting bad on purpose. like very flat. so that was basically my day. i have a couple more presents to wrap.

this was the one that was too heavy of material.this was the one i liked. it looked better than it does in the picture. boobs could use some help though

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