Sunday, December 14, 2008

Life In A Glass House

uhhhhh. I do not feel good. I went to my friends house last night for like an hour then went to my grandmas. I hate being there at night now cuz i wont sleep in my aunt jeannies (formerly mine) bed. mostly cuz she grosses me out. so i was on the couch but im too tall for it. so i didnt fall asleep till 4am. around 12 there was some weird noise outside it sounded like 3 cats howling and then some low non-catlike sound. maybe someone was torturing the cats. i looked out to see what it was and the noise stopped. it was going on for like ten minutes. and now i feel terribly ill. on the ride side of my face. my ear hurts, my lymph nodes hurt, my tonsil hurts, my eye hurts and the right half of my nose is runny. but nothing on my eft side. i tried to get some of the mucus out but that made me wretch like you would when you throw up. thats probably too much information.

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