Monday, December 15, 2008

The Search For Something More

I had a very serious chat yesterday. But its all resolved now.

Im still a little stuffy today. and my throat was sore this morning but not now.

Today me and my mom went to the chiropractor and she went up to the receptionist asking about possibly getting a job there. i hate it when she des that because it makes me look really retarded and like i cant do anything for myself.

then we went shopping for my sister my brother and my dad.

before my brother came home i was trying to get his fathead posters wrapped but i ran out of tape. i had one done and then the other was in a plain brown box but it would be kinda obvious cuz they were huge. so i tried gluing the wrapping paper together. it kinda worked but i couldnt finish it in time so its hiding behind the couch until my mom is back with tape.

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