Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hanging By A Moment

I really can't stnad my family. my aunt dara just arrived. nobody besides my mom wants her here, even my dad was like all pissy about it and was just like well we just have to be nice to her. she stinks all the time and she looks like a dead person. and right now shes sick, and making really weird moaning noises in my bathroom. i dont see why she cant just go to my aunt randas since thats where were all gonna be tonight. i really hope they arent staying here. i know christmas is supposed to be a time to spend with family and all but i really cant stand her. everyone else is bearable, but she drives me up the wall. and to add to my grumpiness about her being here, i was in the shower and she gets here and decides shes gonna take a bath while im still in the shower and takes all my fucking hot water. and i couldnt just get out because i had conditioner in my hair so i had to freeze to death.

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