Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Living Years

This morning my mom woke me up asking if she could use my car so my brother my dad and i could use the bigger car cuz were all around 6 feet and need the space. so i gave her my keys, and then when i got out of bed, i discovered she didnt take my car. which i find really rude because now we are all left to cram in my 2 door honda civic. so she woke me up for nothing. it also really irritates me when she knocks and opens my door when i dont answer. or when i say "what". mostly because my rooms messy and she'll tell me to clean it. and also because of my lack of pajamas when i sleep.

it takes too long to upload pictures on here. and im usually in a hurry.

im still being ridiculously anal about gifts all being in a box and shit.

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