Friday, December 12, 2008

Where I End And You Begin

I just got back from the nutcracker. it was spectacular. but today was retarded. i waited all day for kasey to get back to me about being able to go and then 10 minutes before i had to leave she said she couldnt because she went on a day trip with garrett. thanks a fucking lot. so i was pissed and didnt want to go but my mom almost started crying and said she'd go even though shes sick. i didnt really want to anymore but i went so shed quit bellyaching.

there was a couple in our row and the guy was like two inches away from his girlfriends face during intermission. like just talking to her. well they made out for a minute but even after he was still like right in her face. it was very weird, and rude i think. like this is the freaking ballet, you dont make out at the ballet. they were probably 24. but she looked like she was 12.

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